Connecting Things & Data For Your Benefit

IoTNet Finland Oy

IoTNet Finland Oy is a Finnish IoT operator that is building a wireless IoT network in Pirkanmaa, based on LoRa technology. The network will be built in the Ikaalinen, Parkano, Nokia, Hämeenkyrö and Ylöjärvi areas. It enables the connection of various LoRa sensors to the network in a simple, cost-effective, reliable and secure manner.

The company is owned by Ikaalisten-Parkanon Puhelin Oy (IPP Oy) and Leppäkoski Group Oy.

How does IoT benefit your company?


More business knowledge

By analyzing the data, you can gain better understanding of your business and identify ways to increase the productivity of your operations as well as reduce costs.


Manage risks with predictive maintenance

With real-time monitoring of equipment, you can anticipate the need for maintenance and upkeep and ensure the availability of your services.


Create new business

With the opportunities offered by IoT, you are able to create new services and business opportunities. With the data collected, new customer needs can be identified.